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Dave Young

Welcome to Dave Tube!Browse & Enjoy!


The truth why the Garth Brooks concerts were cancelled in Ireland

"One For My Baby"

A slightly different side of Dave...

The Late Late Show

A humourous look on Ireland's economy going "down the loo"

The Miriam Show

Saturday Night with Miriam Tv Show

The Saturday Night Show

Almost anyone can be in a boyband.... Almost!

Next years Eurovision?

Well you never know!

"That Word..."

Dave tells baby Lewis all about that word! A must see!

World Cup

We may not be in the World Cup this time, but we do keep our balls clean just in case!

The Box!

Dave Young's send up of magician David Blaine. Instead of starving in a glass box over the river Thames and rushed to hospital, he ate and drank like a king over the river Liffey, raised thousands for the Homeless and was rushed to the pub!

Brides of Franc

Dave washes the wedding guests on the show!

Dave doesn't do ads..

..but if he did!

A Royal Story

Seriously funny! Enjoy!

"Kimye on Honeymoon"

See Kim Kardashian in her new role as a housewife ;)

Young at Heart I

In part one Dave finds out what keeps people young at heart, and is met with some very interesting reactions!Enjoy the fun....

Young at Heart II

In part two Dave meets a very special guest, in a very wet interview!
Enjoy the fun....

Young at Heart III

In part 3 Dave meets some of the funniest kids you never met,and they even teach him a new language!Enjoy the fun....

Young at Heart IV

In part 4 Dave turns a shopping centre into a swimming pool, and shock into laughter!
Enjoy the fun....


Dave Young stars as Fagan in the hit musical "OLIVER"

I Dreamed A Dream...

Dave Young dreamed a dream he was the new Pope, well they did say they wanted someone Young!Enjoy.... and God bless you!

A Pantomime

Dave comes with a health warning and sometimes has to be sedated for the safety of his audience....Southern Comfort usually does the trick!

Jeremy Kyle

When you think about it, that show really is this pretty much this?................ Dare to laugh!


Well it was a dry evening up till the end, then the weather changed......................enjoy!

Tv Bites

Laugh's from the past!

Celebrity ICA Bootcamp

Best bits from start to the final

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